Sunday, May 3, 2009


SEO stands for search engine optimisation.
The abbreviations means that when your customers search for a specific search term (keyword) in Google or another search engine you optimise your website to get toprankings. the higher your website will appear on the result list the more traffic will be genrated to your website.

In 2008 we did an investigation in SEO and opened a website specific for rapid prototyping by .
We learned that keywords, reciprocal linking to your site and a few other tricks will do the job for you. After summer 2008 we got top results with the following searches: rapid prototyping china, prototyping china (no 1) etc.

So we decided to repat the trick for our own website; c3.
With several generic search term like industrial design company we have top rankings, but still no top 3 rankings;

How does that come:
there is much more competition in the keywords area (the search term seperately get more hits)
eg: for rapid prototyping china there are total 260,000 results and for
china product design there are 30,400,000 results, so more difficult for us to get top results! And probaly other design companies ar emore aware of SEO than our competitors in the field of prototyping services.

in 2012 the game changed: we lost a lot of high rankings due to the fact that we had too much anchor links to our websites with the same keywords. So we also changed our game! please email me for our tricks! And it works we have new top 10 rankings for on industrial design consultancy and firms amongst others!


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